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Attractive antique furnishings and accessories can be found that will enhance the looks of your home or office. Frequent buying trips are made to keep our merchandise the best that can be found that is fresh and appealing!


An extensive, changing inventory in this busy gallery means there are always new treasures to pique your curiosity. Whether your interest is in fine art, furnishings, or decorative accessories, the opportunity is always ripe to find something to fit your taste or budget at Stewart Galleries.

A fine painting, a vintage lamp, or a unique piece of 19th century English majolica are just a few of the sought after items that Palm Springs visitors have us ship back to their hometowns.




Stewart Galleries' knowledgeable owners are on hand to help you make a wise choice of art and artifacts that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

You will find a selection of sculptures and bronzes as part of our inventory at Stewart Galleries. The classical marble statue, an oriental figure, or the abstract work from the mid to late 20th century is found right here to suit your decorative needs.



Fine art, antique furnishings, chandeliers, lighting and a vast array of decorative accessories await you at one of Palm Springs finest galleries.

We have handled the estates of some of Hollywood's local desert celebrities!

 Call us if we can be of help with your family's or friends' estate goods.





Stewart Galleries buys, brokers and accepts consignments of fine art and antique furnishings.

Please contact us today!




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