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American painter Maurice Greenburg was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1893. His first training as an artist was at the Wisconsin School of Art where he was taught drawing and painting.

 At age 19, he moved to Chicago, Illinois where he became a member of the Palette and Chisel Club and the Art Institute of Chicago where he would later exhibit his works. He took commercial art work commissions besides working on his paintings.

During World War I, he served his country by painting camouflage in Columbia, South Carolina. Following his  discharge, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he worked as a background artist for Columbia Screen Gems, MGM Studios, Walt Disney Studios, and Cascade Pictures. His longest employment as with Cascade where he worked for thirty-five years before retiring in 1963.

According to his own writings, he wrote, "All my acrylic paintings were development from abstract forms and first developed on a small scale. Each sketch (was) done size 5.5" x 7" inches, also in acrylic. As each  sketch was finished to my mind, it was enlarged to its' present size, and in painting I followed it carefully to retain the interesting colors. Each picture has its own personal color identity, and add to their visual enjoyment. The interest to the viewer is to look for additional hidden shapes and see why I found so much pleasure in developing each painting."

After his retirement, he resided in the Woodland Hills Retirement Hotel on Ventura Boulevard. According to his obituary in the Jewish Journal, he died on March 27, 1996 a the age of 102.


(Thanks to William Sacks, grandnephew of the artist, for supplying background information for this biographical summary.)



Garden Party


Maurice Greenberg ~ American  1893 -


Oil on Board




16" x 18"

Frame Style

Gilded and Ebon Layered Wood Frame

Style of Art


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