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At Stewart Galleries, we often handle the sale of select paintings from local Palm Springs area estates. Here is a selection of some of the current estate paintings that we have available. They are often exceptional values!

We have amassed an incredible collection of extremely hard to find art pieces. We are sharing these with you in this Masterpiece Gallery setting!




Robert Loughlin

Leon D'Usseau

Jack Halbert

Roy Lichtenstein

Judy Henn

Alexander Canedo

Bjorn Rye

Alexander Gore

Pascal Cucaro

Carl Ramsey

Lucio Villa

Roger Stokes

Friedolin Kessler

Julius Moessel

Wesley Johnson

David Segel

Sidney Gordin A.N.A.

Alwyn Walter Peregoy

Leon Saulter

Rene Couturier

Louis Bosa

William Jacobs

Endrene Reindel-Johnston

Elizabeth Murray

Chong Jun Kim

Margaret Newland Wenstrup

John H. Rockwell

Marius Carion

Conrad Buff

Ruth Danielson Davis

Georges Rouault

Chang Reynolds

Jean-Pierre Serrier

Veniero Canevari

Mario Russo

Julius Bloch

Russell R Tripp

Ken Yeager

Erik Cunningham

Henry Moore

Shingo Kusuda

Sergei Tivetsky

George Nama

Frank Arthur Samuelson

Ferdos Kakoie Maleki

Dorothy Bowman

Patsy O'Toole

Val Bleeker

Jules Engel

Juan Antonio Moreira

John Wullbrandt

Norman Sunshine

John Joseph Formicola

John Lentine

Onni Saari

Jackson Reitz

Jason Schoener

Robert Alan Smith

Ralph Peplow

Carl Beetz

William Wolff

Alberto Guerra

John Douglas

Waldo Angelo

Ronald G Ahlstrom

Kinoshita Tomio

Carlos Jimendez

Jean S Margolin

Karey Rawitscher

Eduard Buk Ulreich

Peter Voulkos

Leonard Edmondson

Charles Genty

Hannah Weber-Sachs

Robert Kaess

Anthony Padovano

Iola Lorie Benton

Hermann Poll

James McCray

Luis Villafuerte Vasco

John Jules Billington


Phil Paradise, N.A.

Ben Benn

Aristides Coen

Don Peters

Hans Erni

Stephen Longstreet

Rene Pinchuk

V. N. Tonsukh


Rockwell Kent

Bart Lindstrom

Wade Reynolds

Maurice Alleroux

Francis de Erdely

Otis A Williams

Eleanor Patterson Mulliken

T. Downs

John Witworth Robson

Hanson Puthuff

James McGarrell

Alfred D'Ortenzio

Frederic Watts

Unknown Artist

"Mitch" Min Cheng Chen

Margery Weis

Juan de'Prey

Nathan Klein

Albert Genta

Jean Calogero

Royden Martin


Constance Coleman

Gordon Ross

Mischa Kallis

Sherry Pollack Walker

Hilma Mole Payne

John Brock Lear Junior

Edward Horace Nicholson

Neil Alfred Green

Myron Nutting

Al Schmidt

Gyorgy Farkus

Stevan Kissel

Louise Marianetti

Eva Herrmann


Harry Wickey, ANA

Simon Posthuma

Terrance "Terry" L McIlrath

Florence Bartley Smithburn

CR "Randy" Spicer

Fred Doloresco


William Dorsey

Michael Dancer

Joseph Aaron

Conrad Buff

Carl Bray

Hilma Mole Payne

William Ray Cox

Ralph Love

Doug Cy Stotts

Untitled Desert Landscape

Mark Kerckhoff

Anna Francone-Woerz


Vintage Pen & Ink Caricatures Set Of Six


M. J. Bouthillier

American School WPA

Neal Hughes


American Ash Can School

American School

American School

American School

American School

American School

American School

American School

American School - Frank F. Falk

American School - John Gill

American School - John Connor

American School - Diana K Munson

American School - Martha Palmer Fuller

American School - Frances Bradbury

American School - Morton

Italian School

Academy Drawing

Spanish School

French School Academy Drawing

French School Academy Drawing

French School Academy Drawing

French School

School Of Paris - Friedman

French School


Tony Duquette

Carl Schmidt



Claude A. Patterson

Bruce Braithwaite

Jose Antonio Velasquez

Tom Balderas

Helen Luton Hafer

Maidhi McClintock

Lillian Thoele

Max Pollak

Lenard Kester

William Thon

Jacob James Neagle

H L Frost

Albert Klatt

Jean Raffy Le Persan

Bill "Billy" Seay

May Schaetzel

Mark Montsarrat

Denis Paul Noyer

Jack McCartney

Donna Yarrell

Endrene Reindel Johnston

Bruce Backman Turner

Emile Blondel


Kelli Folsom

James Fry

Arthur Claude Strachan

Stephen Willard

Henry Patrick Raleigh

Gene Frances McComas

Max Ulrich Schoop

Katherine E. Gallagher

Birger Sandzen

Jan Kryjewski

Robert E Wood, N.A.

Jade Fon, AWS

Pauline Eaton

Charles Levier

Inna Cherneykina

John Dominique

April Raber

Leonard C. Lane

Jacques Lamy

Richard Samuel Chattock

P R McIntosh

William Ross Cameron

Davy Liu


Robert Bliss - SOLD

Morris Broderson - SOLD

Bernard Buffet - SOLD

Clement - SOLD

Jean David - SOLD

Leon D'Usseau - SOLD

Robert Alexander Graham - SOLD

Ida Ozonoff - SOLD

Phillipe Marchand - SOLD

Paul Cadmus - SOLD

Robert Frame - SOLD

Ynez Johnston - SOLD

Pierre Ino - SOLD

Michio Takayama - SOLD

Giancarlo Isola - SOLD

Dan Shupe - SOLD

Norman Black - SOLD

Maurice Greenberg - SOLD

Pascal Cucaro - SOLD

Oronzo Gasparo - SOLD

James Swinnerton - SOLD

Brian Blood - SOLD

Constance Peters - SOLD

William S Darling - SOLD

John Morris - SOLD

Doug Cy Stotts - SOLD

Karl Gasslander - SOLD

Frederick M Perl - SOLD

Abbott Pattinson - SOLD

Steve Raich - SOLD

Gary Ray - SOLD

Roy M Ropp - SOLD

Carl Sammons - SOLD

O E L Graves - SOLD

Vantuan Nguyen - SOLD

E. M. Washington - SOLD

Jan Stussy - SOLD

Agnes Pelton - SOLD

Carl Bray - SOLD

Ferdinand Kaufmann - SOLD

Jean De Botton - SOLD

Shane Wolf - SOLD

Adele Andres - SOLD

Adolph Dehn - SOLD

Justin Faivre - SOLD

Gustavo Foppiani - SOLD

Rex Brandt - SOLD

Dorothy Sklar - SOLD

Jules Engel - SOLD

Innocenzo Daraio - SOLD

Jean de Narbonne - SOLD

Alfred Morang - SOLD

David Alfaro Siqueiros - SOLD

Arthur Smith - SOLD

Karl Albert - SOLD

In The Style Of...

Fernando Botero - SOLD

Clyde F Seavey - SOLD

R Barden - SOLD

Margaret Wenstrup - SOLD

Lynd Ward - SOLD

Jae Carmichael - SOLD

Keith Bruce Finch - SOLD

Paul Lambert - SOLD

Kalman Aron - SOLD

David Henry - SOLD

Courtney Miles - SOLD

Ednah Root - SOLD

George Post - SOLD

Francis de Erdely - SOLD

Walter H. Parker - SOLD

John (Jack) Otterson - SOLD

Wesley Wehr - SOLD

Madelaine Pereny - SOLD

Irving Amen - SOLD

Sam Stetson - SOLD

Raymond Howell - SOLD

John W Hilton - SOLD

Laddie John Dill - SOLD

Tom Balderas - SOLD

George Scribner - SOLD

Seymour Zayon - SOLD

Guy MacCoy - SOLD

Wilton McCoy - SOLD

Paul Grimm - SOLD

Happy Point

Joane Cromwell - SOLD

Woman's Head II

Robert Philipp - SOLD

Alexander (Sandy) Calder - SOLD

Carl Schmidt - SOLD

Wilfred J Jones - SOLD

Rosenfeld Collection America's Cup Series - SOLD

Hans Hofmann - SOLD

Ebraham Amin - SOLD

Paul Horiuchi - SOLD

James Colt - SOLD

Piero Fornasetti - SOLD

William Littlefield - SOLD

Jerry Salinas - SOLD

George Brewster - SOLD

Francisco Zuniga - SOLD

Emil Jean Kosa Jr. - SOLD

Erle Loran - SOLD

Pasquale Giovanni Napolitano - SOLD

Fay June Kessler - SOLD

Boris Deutsch - SOL

Willard Wiener - SOLD

Darwin Duncan - SOLD

George Grosz - SOLD

Stanley Meltzoff - SOLD

The Cry

Leonard Baskin - SOLD

Joe Hill

Carlos Cortez - SOLD

Vladimir Cora - SOLD

Rafael Coronel - SOLD

Evelyn Levy Shaw - SOLD

George Geisler - SOLD

Luis Sahagun Cortes - SOLD

Junichi Dobashi - SOLD


Tom Otterness - SOLD

Fermin Revueltas - SOLD

Figures On The Beach

Douglass Parshall - SOLD

Tim Weldon - SOLD

American School - Allison Katzman - SOLD

American School - Megan - SOLD

Untitled Abstract Art Plaque

American School - JBT - SOLD

American School - Robert B. Young - SOLD

American School - McKee - SOLD

American School - Mako - SOLD

American School - SOLD

American School - Florence Monson - SOLD

American School - SOLD

American School - SOLD

American School - SOLD


American School - SOLD

English Theatrical Figures Series - SOLD

V. K. - School of Paris - SOLD

Louis Vuitton Poster Art - SOLD

Antique Fashion Illustration - Seymour Frank - SOLD

English School - SOLD

European School - SOLD


  We have a large inventory of original oil paintings by artists well known in the world-wide art archives, as well as by today's new and upcoming talent that will allow you to make the kind of selection worth passing down to future generations.

The number one rule of art : Buy what you like!

Stewart Galleries' last expansion project added an expanded exhibit space. A far greater proportion of the Galleries' deep inventory is now on display.  

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