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Rockwell Kent is a internationally known and listed painter, engraver, illustrator, muralist, printmaker and woodcut artist known for his landscapes of mountains and farms as well as allegorical figural subject matter. He was born in 1882 in Tarrytown, New York to very wealthy industrialist family.

After studying architecture for three years at Columbia,  he attended the New York School of Art and befriended his teacher Robert Henri as well as his other fellow students of the Aschan School including George Bellows and Edward Hopper. He was well known for his illustrations of popular novels of his generation including Moby Dick and North By Northwest, amongst others.

He died in 1971.


Home Port

Sailing Solo

Whaling Crew



Man In A Storm

Untitled - SOLD

Christmas At Stonehenge - SOLD

Set of Nine Signed Prints - SOLD

Bowspirit - SOLD

On The Bow - SOLD

The Lookout - SOLD

Hail And Farewell - SOLD

Masthead - SOLD

Untitled Book Print - SOLD

Drifter - SOLD

Sea & Sky - SOLD

Men At Work - SOLD

Hail & Farewell - SOLD
Diver - SOLD

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