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 Mike Humphrey is a contemporary painter based in Palm Springs, California.

Born in 1946 in Sparta, Wisconsin, he studied art at the University of Iowa. After service in the US Air Force, he moved to Los Angeles and began his career in the advertising industry as a photographer, art director, and casting director, receiving several CLIO awards.

Mike retired in 2001, and began painting with his work being influenced by Abstract Expressionism.


Gold Coast

Balancing Act - SOLD

White Flash - SOLD

Organic Construction - SOLD

Blue Eclipse - SOLD

Canyons - SOLD

Blue Flash - SOLD

Golden Eye - SOLD

Orient Express - SOLD

Curves September - SOLD

Black Tie - SOLD

Shadowland - SOLD

Crossroad #2 - SOLD

Ventana - SOLD

Black Overlay - SOLD

Boomerang - SOLD

Mellow Yellow - SOLD

Red & Black - SOLD

Beehive - SOLD

Briar Patch #2 - SOLD 

Construction - SOLD

Take Off - SOLD
Campfire - SOLD

Gold Rush - SOLD

Lands End - SOLD

Blue Divide - SOLD

Reds - SOLD

Reflections - SOLD

Orbit - SOLD

A Go Go - SOLD

Mondrian Dreamscape - SOLD

Eye Candy - SOLD

Confetti - SOLD

Crimson Cloud - SOLD

Windows - SOLD

Clockwork Orange - SOLD

Magnetic Attraction - SOLD

Untitled Abstract II - SOLD

Crimson Construction - SOLD

In Flight #4 - SOLD

Bramble - SOLD

Blue Skies - SOLD

Beatnik - SOLD

Corners - SOLD

Bon Voyage Confetti - SOLD

Golden Eye - SOLD

Suspension - SOLD

Zen Garden - SOLD

Desert Dusk Palm Springs - SOLD

Vermilion Vibe - SOLD

Bohemian Rhapsody - SOLD

Roulette - SOLD

Heat Wave - SOLD

Arithmetic - SOLD

Moon Shadows - SOLD

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