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Born in 1956, well listed New Jersey / Pennsylvania artist Judy Henn was inspired by the works of Matisse, Avery and O'Keefe.

She has developed her own colorful genre of interior perspectives, familiar objects, family pets and art references. Her works have been exhibited in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania since the 1980's.


Give Her a Hand

Her Summer Life



A Little Matisse

She's So Happy Go Lucky - SOLD

Look For Lee II - SOLD

What Fun - SOLD

Latin American Dream - SOLD

Make A Change - SOLD

She's Not That Simple II - SOLD

Master Patrick - Shearer's Beach - SOLD

It's Her Salon II - SOLD

Matisse Makes Me Happy - SOLD

Life's Lemons - SOLD

Lemon Tree So Pretty - SOLD

It's Their Summer Place - SOLD

Remember The Beach - SOLD

Give Me Love - SOLD

A Table For Juan - SOLD

My Wonderful Life - SOLD

Clear The Air - SOLD

Picasso's Room - SOLD

Hats Off - SOLD

Dunand - SOLD

Picasso - SOLD

A Table For Braque - SOLD

A Table For Braque II - SOLD

A Plate For Braque - SOLD

Braque's Plate - SOLD

Braque Calm II - SOLD

A Little Braque - SOLD

Braque & Me - SOLD

Leger's Mechanic - SOLD

A Family For Leger - SOLD

Leger - SOLD

One For Leger - SOLD

Leger I - SOLD

Leger II - SOLD

Leger III - SOLD

Leger IV - SOLD

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