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Born in Philadelphia in 1898 as the son and grandson of sculptors, Alexander Calder was educated at Stevens Institute of Technology, and at the Art Student's League. He also studied in Paris and was influenced by the artwork of Mondrian.

A legendary figure in the American art world, listed artist Alexander AKA Sandy Calder is well known for his mobiles, stabiles (whose word he coined), sculptures, and colorful abstract paintings and lithographs. He was responsible for coining the word "Stabile" after exhibiting his first moving sculpture in a show organized by Marcel Duchamp.

 Alexander Calder's work is in many museums worldwide, as well as several corporate and private collections, and has made him a household name. He died in 1976.



Untitled Abstract Composition - SOLD

Encore de L'acier - SOLD

Serpent parmi les Etoiles - SOLD

Triangles - SOLD

Derriere Le Miroir - SOLD

Baloons - SOLD

Jaune D'Oeuf - SOLD

Stabiles - SOLD

Spirals, Spheres and Flags - SOLD

Homage To Euclid - SOLD

Moon & Red Star - SOLD

Flowers and Stripes - SOLD

Pyramids & Sun - SOLD

Untitled Abstract Construction - SOLD

Untitled Abstract Litho 2 - SOLD

Homage To The Sun - SOLD

Untitled Abstract Litho 3 - SOLD

Untitled Abstract Litho 1 - SOLD


Triangoli - SOLD

Stabile - SOLD

Flies In The Spiderweb - SOLD

Plate from Magie eloienne portfolio - SOLD

Sea Creatures - SOLD

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